COACHING FOR THE SENSES brings awareness to the senses, the body and the breath, in connection to the topic of the session.

COACHING FOR THE SENSES is down to earth and settled in the reality of the body and the present moment. It offers micro practices for everyday life. In the coaching process we connect back into bodily sensitivity and allow the body to feel, to express, to be true. When emotion comes into motion, we open the space for deeper breath, smarter thinking and sweeter feelings. It is the opening door into sensual aliveness.


DREAM COACHING is a method to explore the elements of night dreams and heart visions. In the coaching process we open to the space of creativity, fantasy and theatrical performance. This connects us with the smart, wise and playful parts inside, in order to find new ways to walk through life, unfold the message of a dream and manifest our passion on earth.


In a first free 30-minutes exploratory session you will get a sense of what coaching with me is like and how we can work together. 

I offer packages of six 60minutes 1:1 coaching sessions on Zoom / Walk & Coach.

6 Package sessions 500 Euro I Single session 120 Euro

bookings and questions:

The patient should be instructed not just to accept his fear, but also to laugh at it. This requires the courage to be ridiculous.


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