body explorations

A mini retreat between the years with rituals for reflection, surrender & deep rest. 
23.12.2020 – 6.1.2021

3 Zoom meetings 
12 Emails with micro practices for every day & night I English & German

Between the years time seems to stand still. 
The 12 days and nights between December 24 and January 5 are originally called “Rauhnächte“. With roots in Celtic and Germanic traditions, these nights used to be a time to stop work, do rituals and listen to dreams.

This course is a retreat for yourself to reflect, enjoy and rest. 

You will receive:  
* Wisdom about the 12 Dream Nights 
* Poems, dreamtime and rest in our Zoom meetings
* Inspiration for creative reflections 
* Micro practices for inner joy, sensual awareness and deep rest
* Time and space to do each practice in your own rhythm
* Special rituals for the new year
* Optional sharing & questions space 


Deep Rest  
Wednesday, 23.12. 
from 5 – 5.45 pm CET 
Deep Dreaming 
Wednesday, 30.12. 
from 5 – 5.45 pm CET
Deep Surrender
Wednesday, 6.1. 
from 5 – 5.45 pm CET 

12 mornings you will receive an Email with the invitation for a micro practice or a ritual. You can chose to do it anytime of the day, the night or the next morning. 

20 / 10 Euro
Chose your price & book your place “Dream Nights“:


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