You are longing for a deeper connection with your body?

You want to bring more joy and lightness into your life?

You yearn to enjoy the sensuality of the moment?

The body is like an ocean, rich with hidden treasures

sensual body
what you feel 

Being sensual 
is like a touch 
that brings you home 
to your body 
teaching you about 
your inner world 

Be there     

sensual connection
what's around you

Being sensual 
is like an opening door 
into the world 
become one 
with the outside 
let it move you 

Be touched                                                         

sensual love
the heartbeat of your lover 

Being sensual 
is like a movement  
only for 
the joy of it 
melting you into

Be open                                                                    

The body is like the ocean, 
rich with hidden treasures.
Open your innermost chamber
And light it’s lamp.
Within the body are gardens,
Rare flowers, peacocks, 
the inner music, 
Within the body, a lake of bliss.
On it, the white soul-swans 
take their joy.



I am offering

sensual body explorations

ladies & men’s groups

laughter circles & yoga classes

1:1 embodiment coaching


German / English


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