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Julia is a fantastic listener and immediately made me feel at ease. She skillfully understood to lead me to new viewpoints by connecting me to the wisdom of my body. With her open and relatable personality she also brought me back in touch with my own humor, so I could leave the session with clarity and motivation, as well as a smile on my face. I was also equipped with a simple action plan, which I’m happily including in my everyday life.


Die besten Rauhnächte ever. Ich würde am liebsten weitermachen.


I appreciate Julia’s dedication and support, and at the same time her surrendering to our needs.


Ich mag Julia’s Art, wie sie die Übungen anleitet und spricht! Eine schöne Verbindung von down to earth und eine Tür in eine andere Welt öffnend. Ihre Stimme hat für mich nicht diesen esoterischen Touch, bei dem ich dichtmache, weil er aufgesetzt wirkt.


I came to Julia feeling burnt-out, boxed-in, and trapped in outdated thought patterns. Julia asked me exactly the questions I most needed to hear in that moment, and provided a safe, supportive, engaged environment in which to explore the answers to those questions. She gave me exactly what I needed to experience my own journey in a facilitated, structured, and compassionate setting. I found a new freedom in walking and in posture that brought restorative ease to my body. In the following days my mind created many new neural pathways and explored and acted on many positive new ideas and prospects.


Julia liebt Bücher, sie ist lustig und hat kurze Haare…und es macht Spaß mit ihr.

Marie, 6 Jahre alt

Julia dare to work on elements that are difficult to approach and hard to reach deeper, and she does it with such a grace.